California Laws for Domestic Partnerships

Sacramento Divorce Attorneys Providing Traditional Assistance for Non-Traditional Couples

If you are in a same-sex union or domestic partnership you may have concerns over what traditional family laws mean for you. You may also want to know what would happen to your children or property if you divorce. Our Sacramento family law attorneys at O'Brien Family Law, PC are well-versed in these specific laws and can guide you to a resolution for your case.

Traditional Family Law in Same-Sex Unions in California

As you proceed toward a same-sex partnership, or face a potential separation, our Sacramento family law and divorce attorney helps you understand your rights and responsibilities. We take thoughtful care as we evaluate every detail to help you get the complete picture.

Domestic Partnerships

Traditional marriage and divorce concerns apply to any same-sex marriage in the following ways:

  • How do we draft a post- or prenuptial agreement?
  • What happens to my children if we separate?
  • How do I collect spousal support in the event of a divorce?
  • Does my partner share all my assets?
  • Will my former partner have to pay child support?
  • Is my partner responsible for my debt?

If you are in a same-sex union, the same laws of traditional marriage apply to your contract. You have the same rights and responsibilities. Speak to a supportive Sacramento family lawyer who advocates your interests.

Advocating for Couples in Domestic Partnerships

The laws on domestic partnerships are different than traditional marriage laws. Our family law attorneys can help with your concerns if you are seeking to end a domestic partnership or civil union. Our Sacramento divorce attorneys meticulously evaluate your situation so you have a complete understanding of your rights and responsibilities.


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