Sacramento Divorce Attorneys for Real Property Valuation

Pursue Equitable Division of Real Estate

A divorce involves a range of complex issues and disputes. When you partner with our Sacramento divorce attorneys at O'Brien Family Law, PC, we work diligently to streamline the process for you. We represent clients in a range of high-asset divorce matters, including valuation and division of real property.

Sophisticated Legal Representation & Commitment to Personalized Service

At O'Brien Family Law, PC, our Sacramento divorce lawyer make each step in real property valuation easy for you to understand. You can trust that we are providing you with knowledgeable methods of protecting your interests. Real estate assets present problems similar to other types of assets in divorce proceedings. Values change quickly over time, there are various methods of valuing property, and valuations are often disputed.

Valuation of Real Property

We can help you with the valuation of a range of many different types of properties, including:

  • Residential properties

  • Rental properties

  • Commercial properties

  • International properties

When necessary, our Sacramento divorce lawyers work with a team of real estate and financial experts to assist with these valuations. In addition to valuations, we negotiate and litigate on our clients' behalf to protect their interests and help them get the best outcomes possible in their cases.

Advice for Property Division from Our Sacramento Divorce Attorney

We often recommend a professional real estate appraisal firm you can trust to value your property. It is best if you and your former spouse hire the same appraiser, though this is not always possible. Should you receive two separate appraisals, we can represent you before judge where the final value will be determined. Regardless of your arrangement, we can guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Guidance for Asset Valuation & Division

We work with a team of experts to provide accurate asset valuations and to protect our clients' interests in high-asset divorce matters. When you partner with O'Brien Family Law, PC, you can trust that our Sacramento divorce lawyers have the tools and experience you need to reach the best possible resolution.


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