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Divorce litigation can be extremely challenging and contentious. Every issue involved can present a new opportunity for dispute. Many couples facing a divorce wish there was a simpler way to resolve divorce disputes without the lengthy courtroom battle.

O'Brien Family Law, PC, provides legal representation for drafting postmarital agreements and other issues that arise before and after divorce. Our Sacramento divorce lawyers help you negotiate and draft a postnuptial agreement that will be equitable for both parties and legally effective in the event of a future divorce.

Preemptive Protection in Your Marriage

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are documents that most people hope they never have to use. But if the time comes when they are needed, they are a tremendous benefit to everyone involved. In the postnuptial agreement, all divorce issues are determined ahead of time, before the relationship sours.

Postnuptial Agreements

The agreement spells out all of the details of a divorce, including:

A postnuptial agreement is same as a prenuptial agreement, with the exception that a postnuptial agreement is crafted after the couple is already married. Couples who decide to create a postnuptial agreement are wisely preparing for a "worst case" scenario. In this agreement, they are able to make decisions together about these contentious matters before they become contentious. If it is well-crafted, a postnuptial agreement will be effective in the event of a future divorce.

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Make sure that your agreement is drafted under the guidance of our experienced Sacramento divorce attorneys at O'Brien Family Law, PC. We provide creative solutions for even the most complex of cases.


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