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A Team Approach To Complex Family Issues

At O'Brien Family Law, PC, our firm is committed to standing alongside clients who are facing difficult family-related legal matters.

Our firm takes a team approach to handling all divorce and family law matters. We understand that it takes diversity to be able to represent our clients and successfully advocate for every unique situation. We are a multifaceted team of different talents, approaches, and capabilities, and we combine these strengths to help leverage your case into the most favorable position possible.

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Powerful Advocacy You Can Depend On

Sacramento divorce lawyer Jennifer E. O’Brien has devoted her practice to protecting the rights of individuals and families throughout the Northern California area. Our firm is led by her belief in affording high-quality legal representation to all, and we continue to further this agenda day in and day out.

” Judges often make their critical opinions long before anyone steps into their courtrooms, based on the briefs and other legal documents. I bring a unique combination of writing skills and the ability to think on my feet in the courtroom. These two skills are a tremendous benefit to my clients. “

– Jennifer E. O’Brien

Our clients can always expect to receive exceptional legal counsel, especially when the stakes are high.

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Read some of our answers to frequently asked family law questions.

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What Sets
Our Firm Apart?

Our clients immediately start to benefit from our honest ethical approach

We are a local, boutique law firm that focuses on quality over quantity

We are known for proven experience, service, and results

Counsel from a service-minded and client-focused team

Counsel from a service-minded and client-focused team

Ability to handle simple to complex divorce and family law crises

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What Are The Steps To Getting A Divorce?

Know what you’re getting into before you get started.

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Divorce: Fact Or Fiction?

What you think you know may not be the truth.

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Devoted To Getting Results. Dedicated To Your Rights.

While we always attempt to resolve your case swiftly and effectively in negotiations, our attorneys are never afraid to fiercely advocate in trial when necessary. Our approach has allowed us to secure substantial results for families across California, and now we want to help you.

We want to be your attorney, your guide and your advocate. Let us help you through this difficult time so you can start your family’s next chapter in the best possible position. Call our office at 916-468-0707 to get started with an initial consultation, or reach out online to make your appointment.