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Spousal Support

At O'Brien Family Law, PC, we have focused entirely on divorce and family law matters since we set up our practice. We are committed to providing a premier level of customer service. Combined with knowledgeable legal writing skills, we are committed to helping you get the results you want at an affordable cost. Our seasoned litigators are also willing to take your case to court to get the outcome you want. While spousal support payments are negotiated, trust our Sacramento divorce attorneys to represent your best interests.

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Pursuing A Fair And Just Payment Settlement

When determining an appropriate spousal support arrangement, the court will review several factors. It is our job as your divorce attorney to make sure your needs and rights are respected through these proceedings.

The court will consider:

  • Expected standard of living for each party
  • Earning abilities of each spouse, including education and employment
  • If a spouse is unemployed, whether or not that spouse will be able to get a job soon after the separation
  • Any disabilities or health care needs of either spouse
  • The duration of the marriage

Payments can either be short- or long-term, depending on these factors. A short marriage may result in payments that have an end date. A longer marriage, often 10 years or more, may require the establishment of payments that extend an indefinite amount of time.

Addressing Support Modifications And Changing Needs

Should you need to have your support agreement revisited, our legal team can help you through this process. In some cases, a spouse who has been required to pay support feels that the payments should no longer be required. We can help you file this petition with the court and pursue its resolution.