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Tax law complicating divorce and retirement

Changes to the federal tax laws, taking effect on Jan. 1, end the long-standing deduction for spousal support payments. These changes have not only rushed divorce negotiations, as expected, but have also resulted in complications accessing money for settlements and making long-term preparations for people over 50.

Divorce settlements for these couples are complex because they have fewer viable years remaining during which they can stay in the work force. Traditional gender roles are still prevalent in this group where many wives stayed home to raise their children while the husband worked, and as a result they may not have the marketable skills they would need in order to stay competitive in today's technologically-minded job market.

What are the benefits of collaborative divorce?

After trying to make your marriage work, you and your partner are preparing for a divorce. You feel overwhelmed, and you have barely even started the divorce process. You have done some research, and you are contemplating choosing a collaborative divorce rather than proceeding to court.

Collaborative divorce can have several advantages over a traditional divorce trial. Before selecting your method of divorce, take the time to read more about the collaborative method.

Why you should avoid hiring a bulldog lawyer for your divorce

For many past and upcoming separating couples in California, divorce can bring out the worst of their emotions in full force. They could be angry at their spouse for their actions, upset at themselves for marrying their spouse in the first place and worry about what the future has to hold.

Those who feel particularly aggressive towards their former loved one hire an attorney to match that aggressiveness. However, these “bulldog” lawyers often do more harm than good, and prove you need more than just a determination to win.

Co-parenting when your former spouse has a mental illness

Divorce is never an easy thing to go through for families. This process becomes even more complicated when there are children involved. While determining child custody, and if you will co-parent, it is important to remember that the child's best interest should be the priority.

Mental illness within the family may have an impact on how you decide to co-parent. This is not an easy decision. It's important to not lose hope when the symptoms of the mental illness become uncontrollable. When you decide to co-parent with someone who has a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, you may consider strategies to help improve the outcome of the situation.

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