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Resolving Complex Child Support Disputes & Issues

If you are divorced and have children, having an experienced Sacramento child support lawyer to answer your questions and help you protect your interests is vital. Whether you are the custodial parent in need of support or the noncustodial parent being asked to pay, you want to know that the child support payments are fair and that they properly address the needs of your children.

Learn How A Sacramento Divorce Attorney Can Help You

At O'Brien Family Law, PC, family law is all we do. We take a team approach to complicated issues related to child support and work collaboratively with you to identify all your needs to make certain we take the right steps to get the outcome you need.

Clients prefer to work with our firm for many reasons:

  • We focus on the big picture: These types of issues can be very emotional. We keep you focused on what is in the best interests for your long-term and short-term goals.
  • We offer honest counsel: We keep you informed of your rights and your options and allow you to make smart decisions that can protect your family members and finances.
  • We are real advocates: Our firm believes in partnering with you during this difficult time. We actually take the time to address your questions and keep any concerns at bay.
  • We are known for results: When stakes are high, you need to work with a law firm that has earned a reputation for providing results-oriented legal representation.

We combine thorough preparation with superior legal writing ability to help minimize the risks often encountered at divorce trials. Though we have extensive courtroom experience and are always willing to protect your rights in front of a judge, we can also help you save time and expense by resolving your differences through alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation.

We make sure your family stays at the center of our attention. Call 916-468-0707 today to speak with us about your current child support matter.