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In family law, does the marriage length impact spousal support?

There are many decisions that must be made in a California divorce. Those going through a divorce may be concerned about a key part of family law: spousal support. It is a good idea to understand how the determination is made regarding how much spouse support will be paid. Another key factor that should be grasped by the spouse who will be paying support and the spouse who will be receiving support is how the length of the marriage will impact how long spousal support will be paid and if it will be permanent.

What are my options after being served with divorce papers?

Californians might be under the impression that a divorce stems from a slow and incrementally worsening series of issues that culminates in the decision to part ways. In many cases, that is true. Sometimes, however, being served divorce papers comes as something of a shock. Regardless, most situations have one spouse filing a petition on the other. The spouse who receives the petition and a summons is the respondent. It is important to understand that there are several alternatives after being served. To handle the case in the manner best suited to the individual, legal advice is key.

Custody concerns when your ex has an addiction

Divorcing a spouse with a substance abuse problem can involve complex emotions. You certainly feel some anger and resentment, but you may also understand the overpowering control an addiction can have over your spouse. These matters can be even more complicated if you have children.

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