Why you should avoid hiring a bulldog lawyer for your divorce

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For many past and upcoming separating couples in California, divorce can bring out the worst of their emotions in full force. They could be angry at their spouse for their actions, upset at themselves for marrying their spouse in the first place and worry about what the future has to hold.

Those who feel particularly aggressive towards their former loved one hire an attorney to match that aggressiveness. However, these “bulldog” lawyers often do more harm than good, and prove you need more than just a determination to win.

A lack of compromise

While getting a large settlement out of the proceedings would be nice, you must recognize your own limitations to reach a settlement that can benefit you. You could get good offers early on in the case that are satisfying enough, but an aggressive attorney tends to push those to the side so you can get a lot out of the division. Their attempts to help you get more out of the divorce could backfire as California judges despise aggressive behavior and tactics. Additionally, the constant refusal of deals means you have to spend more time in court and owe them more money.

A lack of strategy

Calm and intelligent lawyers are easy to communicate with and will help you form a strategy to help you find the best outcome with the proceedings. Bulldog lawyers are headstrong and simply go in with the mindset that you have to win every aspect of the case as possible. Divorce can be a complicated case in California as it could involve dividing businesses, high assets and child custody. You need to get someone who understands the severity of the circumstances rather than someone who feels the need to attack your spouse more than you.

A lack of foresight

The proceedings in your divorce case will have a major impact on how you will start your life again after the separation. Any mistakes or oversights they made in the proceedings could haunt you financially and emotionally in the near and possibly far future. Additionally, divorce court cases done in public rather than mediation means that more people get to witness your mistake. You not only risk damaging your relationship with your future ex even more, but your Californian peers and child will see you in a new light for hiring someone so combative.

To get the best outcome out of your high-asset divorce, you need to find a calm, collective and intelligent local California attorney for your case. With how important this case can be for your future, you require someone who can develop multiple strategies and prepare for any type of situation that can occur in the courtroom.

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