What are the benefits of collaborative divorce?

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After trying to make your marriage work, you and your partner are preparing for a divorce. You feel overwhelmed, and you have barely even started the divorce process. You have done some research, and you are contemplating choosing a collaborative divorce rather than proceeding to court.

Collaborative divorce can have several advantages over a traditional divorce trial. Before selecting your method of divorce, take the time to read more about the collaborative method.

  • Remain amicable

Collaborative divorce is much less confrontational and adversarial than a trial. When you can work with your ex to resolve issues like alimony and property division, it is much easier to remain on good terms.

  • Keep down costs

A divorce trial can quickly become expensive. Collaborative divorce is usually less expensive. If you are interested in cost-efficiency, this method may benefit you.

  • Maintain privacy

While trials are a matter of public record, collaboration remains private. When you choose collaboration, you and your ex can discuss intimate matters and keep them out of the court.

  • Protect your children

If you and your partner have children, you no doubt want to shield them from the impacts of a divorce. Rather than subject them to a contentious trial, you can choose to negotiate with your co-parent. This keeps the family situation as polite as possible for the sake of your kids.

How to know if collaboration is right for you

Collaborative divorce usually works best if you have a fairly civil relationship with your partner. If the two of you are constantly at odds, then you may not find it possible to sit in a room and negotiate for several hours. However, if you believe that you can compromise on a mutually satisfactory resolution, then collaboration may be right for you.

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