What does legal separation mean in California?

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There are many reasons why a couple’s relationship is no longer working out. When a couple is married, they believe their relationship will last forever but many times this isn’t the case. If a couple decides that they can no longer remain married there is another option to a divorce.

In California, legal separation is allowed. Many couples decide to legally separate because they’re not fully convinced a divorce is the right move at the time. Legal separation allows a couple to divide assets and debts without ending the marriage. This can be a good option for many couples, especially those with high net assets. A couple can still live in the same residence if they are legally separated. Child custody and child visitation can also be worked out in a legal separation agreement along with child support and spousal support.

A legal professional who is skilled in divorce can help their client through the divorce or legal separation process. They can advise their client on what option they believe to be the best for their current situation and state of mind. A legal separation may be a better option for certain clients as it can offer the same benefits of divorce without going as far as a divorce. After a legal separation is completed a couple is still legally married. This can allow a couple to still have health insurance benefits or military benefits. If a couple later decides to divorce, they will need to go through the divorce process.

It is a personal decision whether a couple wants to legally separate or divorce in California. There can be many advantages for a couple to legally separate instead of divorce. A legal professional who is skilled in divorce can help their client determine what is the best option for their own personal situation.

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