Preserving mental and emotional health during divorce

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A person’s mental and emotional wellness can suffer immensely during a divorce. Sadly, the facts of such difficulties can even become weapons in the battle over child custody and property.

Mental health struggles are commonplace and nothing to feel shame over. In fact, over 300,000 people in Sacramento County face issues with mental illness, which is approximately 20% of the population. An individual may weather a divorce more easily by applying some suggestions to preserve mental and emotional well-being.

Focusing on the present

Worry and anxiety cannot change the eventual outcome of the divorce. A person can only do so much to get an optimal result. While working to present a solid case, someone going through a divorce can keep attention on making each day a success by counting each small win in life.

Seeking support

Friends, family members and professional counselors can offer emotional guidance. A person can keep a list of confidants and advisors for help when feeling especially low.

Exercising regularly

Clinical studies show that exercise can boost mood and reduce stress levels. Everyone does well to carve out 15 to 30 minutes daily for physical activity. If one can get outside while exercising, additional benefits are possible.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet

Eating nutritious food gives the body the fuel to cope with emotional stressors more effectively. A diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and healthy oils reaps maximum benefits. However, a person does not need to become excessively strict. Occasional comfort foods can help fight stress and anxiety.

The divorce can take so much time with meetings and negotiations that a person can lose themself. By giving attention to necessary physical, mental and emotional self-care, an individual can maintain balance and calm during a separation.

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