Licenses you could lose over back child support

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From the loss of your job to a sudden health crisis, financial hurdles could enter your life for countless reasons. Unfortunately, if you owe child support, these challenges could make it hard to stay caught up. Falling behind on your child support could lead to even bigger problems, affecting your passport, bank account and tax refund. Furthermore, you could lose various licenses issued by the state of California.

If you face license suspension or worry about this possibility, it is crucial to understand how suspension works as well as your options.

Driver’s license suspension due to unpaid child support

California Child Support Services says that if you owe unpaid child support for more than 30 days, the state sends a notification to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Next, the DMV will reach out to you and you must respond within 150 days to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license (30 days if you have found yourself in this position before).

In order to avoid driver’s license suspension, you need to work with the state’s child support agency, which handles each case differently.

Back child support and the suspension of other licenses

Aside from the DMV, the state notifies other licensing agencies when parents fail to make child support payments. For example, if you fall behind on child support, you could lose your professional license or a recreational license that allows you to hunt or fish.

Losing a driver’s license, professional license or recreational license could lead to serious problems in your life, which highlights how vital it is to address child support matters promptly.

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