Divorce pending for talk show host

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With the number of people in California, it is inevitable that divorces will happen. Cases where people have significant assets can be contentious and have a lot at stake. When preparing to file for a high-asset divorce, both sides should have legal assistance from the start.

The talk show host, Larry King, has filed for divorce from his wife. Mr. King and his wife, Shawn, have been married for more than two decades. This is his eighth marriage. The couple married in 1997 and have two sons. There has been marital strife between the couple in the past, as they filed for divorce nearly a decade ago citing irreconcilable differences but got back together before moving forward with their case.

Any divorce will have issues, but with a high-asset divorce, these issues will be magnified. Business interests, bank accounts, retirement accounts, property division and more will likely have substantial value and be in dispute for the duration of the case. This is true whether there was a premarital agreement or not. Even if there was a premarital agreement, there are ways to question its validity. To be fully protected, having legal assistance from the start is critical.

Mr. King has been in this situation numerous times before, but that does not make it any easier. From his wife’s point of view, how much of the marital assets she will receive and whether she will receive spousal support will mostly likely be her main focus. For each side, a law firm that has experience in high-asset divorces should be contacted. This is true with any couple that has major assets and is planning to divorce.

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