How does age affect a child’s needs?

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For children five years and younger, a parents’ divorce is a major event full of stress and change. While an emotional challenge for everyone involved, you must be aware that young children have specific needs that you need to meet.

The Judicial Branch of California provides explains that children age five and under have different emotional needs from older children.

What do young children need after a divorce?

Consistency is crucial for children to adapt to changes. Open communication with the other parent can prevent problems from occurring in the future and can help avoid any misunderstandings about how the two of you plan to raise your child.

The life change will be difficult, regardless, but you can help your child adjust and to cope through being calm and stable. Control your negative emotions when in the presence of children and provide them with love, affection and warmth. Spend as much time as you can with your child. Be respectful of the other parent around your child and respect the other parent by informing him or her of any information regarding the child.

How can you give young children what they need?

To give your child the warm, stable environment that he or she needs, you have to be able to work with the other parent. You are still a team regarding your child’s upbringing. It may help to continue a business-like relationship with the other adult. Avoid fights with your former spouse.

Try to find common ground with the other parent. If you have specific concerns about your child’s behavior, discuss it with the other parent. These conversations should remain positive.

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