Remember the fundamentals when getting a California divorce

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The litany of issues that come to the forefront in a California divorce may be overwhelming and leave a person wondering what they should do to address the situation. It is an emotionally challenging time to be sure, but understanding the basics can help with protecting finances and handling child-related challenges that inevitably arise. There are certain parts of a divorce that should be considered from the very start. Being aware of them can smooth the process significantly.

The keys to consider when in the initial stages of a divorce

Finances can recede to the background when dealing with the various aspects of a divorce. This can cause long-term problems if they are not taken care of beforehand. Credit reports are always important, but they are exponentially crucial after a divorce as a dual income household becomes a single income household and people are tasked with taking care of themselves. In contentious divorces, it is not uncommon for a person to take some semblance of revenge on the other by making unnecessary purchases and raising the amount they own on their credit cards. Joint expenses will be split and this could be a negative on a credit report. Separating the accounts immediately can be vital. This is true for bank accounts and other shared assets.

Dividing the marital estate can be complicated. Although California is a community property state, that can be muddled with disagreements as to when a property was purchased, if it appreciated in value and who wants to retain certain assets. If there is a business that grew during the marriage, this must be assessed. Savings accounts are integral in a divorce. People are stunned at who fast their savings reduces during a divorce. Once the payouts and costs are complete, they may have far less than they anticipated. Starting an individual account is advisable.

Children are often caught in the middle of a divorce and it is beneficial for them and the parents to try and make the transition as smooth as possible. Avoiding conflict in front of them and doing whatever possible to remain amicable with the other spouse when it comes to the kids can be useful in the short and long term.

Understand the value of legal advice

Many divorces can be amicable. Others are not. Trying to be agreeable can help to save time, money and avoid emotional upheaval. Regardless, with these and other parts of a divorce, having legal assistance may be wise from the start. Contacting a legal professional experienced in all aspects of family law and divorce can provide representation and advice to seek a reasonable outcome.

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