Reconciliatory period over between singer and ex-wife

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Most people in California may assume that divorce brings with it a finality (as in the end of the association between a married couple). In reality, however, that “finality” is often limited, as a divorced couple will often need to continue to work together in supporting and raising any children they share and/or managing their marital estate.

Oftentimes that job will go on for several years, during which time circumstances might change (with the potential of reconciliation remaining a possibility). Yet despite the passage of time, the original issues that contributed to a couple’s divorce might remain in place (or simply morph into new challenges).

Former singing icon ends reconciliation period with ex-wife

One can look to the ongoing divorce drama of the singer Phil Collins as an example of this. According to Vanity Fair, the former Genesis frontman divorced his ex-wife in the mid-2000s, paying her what was as the time a record divorce settlement in his native Britain. However, following her subsequent divorce, the pair apparently reconciled and resumed their relationship in the last few years. That reconciliatory period appears to be over, however, as she reportedly recently married another man in secret. She now seeks for him to renegotiate their original divorce settlement; Collins says he has no plans to do so.

Managing the long process of a divorce

This demonstrates the lasting potential of divorce-related issues. One may believe them resolved, only to find themselves having to deal with them again at a later date. Action following an official divorce settlement may seem meritless, yet post-divorce modifications are common. Thus, one may wish to continue to have reliable legal assistance readily available to help in the ongoing management of their divorce case.

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