Does cooperating with a co-parent make divorce easier?

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When going through a divorce, you are likely to run into many difficulties and hurdles. You do not need to add more by refusing to cooperate with your co-parent. Not only will that make the process smoother for you, but it can help your child, too.

But in what ways does it accomplish this? Exactly how does cooperation make a divorce easier?

Making plans together

Psychology Today gives tips that may make divorce just a little easier. Among the top ranking tips is a relatively simple one: cooperate. And yet, many co-parents struggle with this because divorce is often a painful and messy process. When emotions run high, it is sometimes the hardest thing in the world just to be civil to one another.

Still, it benefits both of you and your child in multiple ways. For one, cooperation allows you to plan out your discussions in advance. What do you want to tell your child? What questions do you think they will ask? How will you answer those questions? What information will you keep to yourselves, and what will you share? When will you tell them about the divorce? Together, you can discuss the possibilities and options you want to take here.

Providing comfort and stability

Also, cooperation can provide your child with a sense of stability and security. When they see you two still working together in spite of the upcoming split, it reassures them about their place in your eyes. After all, you are setting aside your differences to support them. Do not underestimate the impact that this kind of gesture can have. That alone is often enough to help your child process the upcoming divorce in a healthier, easier way, which is ultimately what any parent would want.

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