Is my spouse having an emotional affair?

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Marriages can go through many trials and tribulations. One major issue faced by many couples is infidelity.

While most people imagine physical affairs when they learn of a cheating spouse, emotional affairs are just as damaging. According to Healthline, emotional affairs occur when a spouse develops an intimate attachment to someone other than their spouse.

It differs from a conventional friendship in that the wandering spouse will conceal their relationship from their partner. There are many other signs of emotional cheating, as explained here.

Decreased attraction to spouse

Attraction is both physical and emotional, and both will suffer when your partner directs their affections elsewhere. Your partner may intentionally start fights or withhold information about their lives. You might also notice their increasing affection for the affair partner, both physically and emotionally.

Lack of communication

You might want to address the issue head-on with your spouse, who will only provide resistance. They might dismiss your concerns as baseless, or even express anger. They may also blame you for problems in the relationship in an attempt at misdirecting the blame.

More time spent with affair partner

While it is important for married couples to spend time with friends, spending time together is equally important. Once an emotional affair begins, you might find your spouse spending more and more time with the other person. This can include time spent in person, as well as time spent texting or interacting on social media.

Emotional infidelity does not necessarily mean the end of a marriage. Some couples undergo counseling and are able to rebuild their relationships. However, if your spouse is unable or unwilling to cut ties with the affair partner and undergo counseling, divorce is likely the best option.

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