Spousal support and wage garnishment

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After you get a divorce, you could have a number of legal obligations to keep in mind. For example, parents often have to deal with custody issues, such as parenting time and paying child support. Moreover, some people have to make spousal support payments after splitting up with their former spouse.

If you expect to pay spousal support or partner support, or you currently owe support, you need to review various topics related to this facet of the divorce process (such as wage garnishment) and make sure you fulfill your obligations. Falling behind on spousal support can result in serious consequences.

Spousal support payments and your wages

According to the Judicial Branch of California, each spousal support order requires the issuance of a wage assignment, also known as wage garnishment. Wage garnishment permits employers to withhold spousal support payments from an employee’s wages. In some instances, people can pay spousal support in another way if both parties reach agreement, and the support is not withheld from a worker’s wages.

Spousal support and job loss

Some people lose the ability to pay spousal support because they no longer have their job and support is not withheld from their wages. However, you need to recognize that you are still responsible for paying spousal support if you lose your job, unless you are able to change your spousal support order.

If you need to modify your spousal support order, it is vital to act fast. Familiarize yourself with the process of changing your spousal support order and make sure you do not miss payments.

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