How can you avoid conflict while co-parenting?

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While some conflicts may feel inevitable, there are ways to prevent any major fights or arguments with your co-parent.

Learning how to communicate effectively and discuss sensitive topics, like childcare or educational trouble, is one way to do so.

Look to the future

According to Healthline, even though it may feel cathartic to talk about problems you and your co-parent had in the past, you should stay focused on the future instead. Bringing up old issues traps you both in a cycle of annoyance and frustration.

While you can still discuss your feelings with other trusted friends or family, make sure to not talk about past grievances with your co-parent.

Work together

Thinking of your co-parent as a partner can help you both to feel connected. One way to nurture this relationship is to point out positive actions or ideas you like as he or she talks to you.

This helps build a relaxed atmosphere where you can both trust and feel comfortable around one another. Checking in with text messages or asking if he or she needs help can also strengthen the mutual respect between the two of you.

Plan ahead

Whether you are planning for a summer vacation or a winter holiday, preparing months in advance can help you both to avoid feeling stressed. Write up a schedule for you both, and make sure to clarify where your child will stay during this time.

Being thorough about details will also allow for any changes you need to make as the holidays approach. Clear communication and respect can help you and your co-parent work together to make the best life possible for your child.

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