Which tactics can make co-parenting with a narcissist easier?

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To escape a relationship with a narcissist may feel like a relief at first. Unfortunately, you still have to work with that person throughout your children’s lives when you have children. You already know how difficult it is to compromise with a narcissist. After all, it may be among the many reasons you could not continue your relationship.

According to Psychology Today, there are ways to handle co-parenting with a narcissist.

What are the signs of a narcissistic partner?

A narcissistic co-parent may go out of his or her way to complicate your life. He or she may threaten to keep the children or involve children in psychological manipulation. For example, your former spouse may plan vacations or never punish the children for being the more likable parent. While being overly kind to your children, he or she may cyberbully you or your family and friends. When working with a narcissist, you need strict boundaries.

How can you continue to parent with a narcissist?

To parent with your ex, one of the best pieces of advice is to keep the contact limited and professional. You should have your parenting plan and all of your agreements written down. If you can communicate through email or text, try to keep in contact solely through those avenues. When you write to your ex, you can record what the two of you exchanged.

All of your custody documents should remain specific. You can ask for limited contact, ask for exact pickup and drop-off times and have a particular holiday schedule. If necessary, you may consider protection orders.

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