How can you deal with stress while co-parenting?

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Dealing with an ex-spouse with different ideas and opinions on how to co-parent may become harder to deal with as time goes on. Arguments can get in the way of any helpful discussions.

Learning how to reduce your stress levels while talking to your co-parent is one way to make the experience easier.

Stay focused

According to Psychology Today, conflict often starts because of old arguments that arise after you or your co-parent become angry. Issues from years ago can lead to a lack of communication, which can reduce how effective you are at dealing with present-day issues such as childcare and schooling.

Being present and focused on the topic you are discussing, and only the topic you are discussing, can help you both feel more positive around each other.

Use written communication

One way to prevent negative comments from slipping out is to text or email important information or questions instead. This format allows you to delete or edit what you want to say so that your tone is exactly how you want it to sound before you send it.

This can help eliminate anger or frustration at arguments, which may help you both communicate more effectively and stress less.

Take time to relax

Dealing with a stressful co-parent can consume your life, which means you should take time to choose hobbies or activities that renew and refresh your mind. You may find that you come back to discussions ready to be more positive and productive than before.

Regular exercise or talking with friends can leave you feeling ready to approach co-parenting with a new sense of energy.

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