Addressing custody order violations

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Ending your marriage could raise many concerns, but if you have kids, you likely have additional legal issues to think about during divorce and even years afterward. For example, some parents struggle with the inability to spend time with their child because their child’s other parent refuses to respect the terms of a custody order or visitation order.

If your rights as a parent are not respected in accordance with a court order, you need to immediately look into the legal options in front of you and take steps to safeguard your relationship with your child.

Recognizing custody order violations

According to the Judicial Branch of California, it is essential to maintain a copy of your custody order in a secure location. Moreover, you should ensure that the court order clearly outlines various issues, such as which parent will have time with the child during birthdays, holidays, etc. Custody orders can cover many facets of a child’s life, such as where children go to school and medical care, and you need to closely review these details. If you revise a custody order, it is paramount to understand all changes.

Taking action over custody violations

If you have experienced custody violations or your child’s other parent is not respecting your visitation rights, you have options. For example, you can reach out to your county’s district attorney or your local police department for help with enforcement. In addition, you could consider filing a contempt action in court, in which case the court could enforce the order and impose serious penalties. Make sure you keep records of any violations with dates, times and other details.

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