These professions have the highest divorce rates

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Many different variables help determine whether your California marriage lasts the long haul. The age at which you tie the knot is one such variable. Research indicates that the industry or profession in which you make your living is another.

According to LendingTree, profession or industry, alone, is not necessarily indicative of how long your marriage is going to last. However, research shows that you are statistically more likely to see your marriage end in divorce if you work in one of the following positions or fields.

Military service

Military service members have the highest divorce rate out of any profession. While the national divorce rate is 1.6%, the divorce rate for male and female military members is 3.09%. Females in the military face an even higher chance of divorce, with the divorce rate among female military members reaching 4.54%.

Health care support

If you work as a home health aide, a nursing assistant or a personal care aide, you also face a heightened chance of your marriage ending in a split. The average divorce rate among health care support staff in America is now 2.65%.

Food preparation and serving

The field with the third-highest rate of divorce is hospitality and food service, which has a divorce rate of 2.49%. Some believe that the high rate of substance abuse among food preparation and food-service workers plays a role in the elevated divorce rate in the industry.

Many of the professions that have high divorce rates are also high-stress positions. This indicates a link between workers having high levels of stress and those workers having unhappy marriages.

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