How can you alleviate your child’s distress during a divorce?

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Divorce has an impact on your entire family. While some parents fear the negative effects of divorce on their children, understand that children tend to do worse in homes where arguments become regular occurrences. Bickering parents harm children’s sense of stability and may increase their fear of abandonment.

When your divorce, your children will have negative reactions and side effects. Understanding these reactions can help you alleviate their pain and reduce the amount of stress they experience.

Treat your co-parent with respect

Do not bad talk your co-parent in front of your kids. The more conflict you expose children to, the more likely they will have anxiety and fear of abandonment. Likewise, kids may put themselves in the middle when you argue or fight with your ex. Remember that they associate themselves with both parents and you should not make them feel trapped in the middle of a fight.

Discuss your children’s fears

After a divorce, talking about your kids’ feelings regarding the split can be painful. You may not know what to say or may worry about making it worse. You should acknowledge their fears, however. Reassure your kids that you and your former spouse have every intention of continuing to care for them and that while you split up, you will still dedicate your time to being their parent. Listen to their fears of abandonment and help reassure them that the love from parents to children does not change with the breakup.

If you have trouble mitigating conflict with your ex-spouse, you may need to find help to reduce the tension to keep it far from your kids.

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