Can you make co-parenting a positive experience?

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Divorcing your spouse might mean an immediate introduction to the world of co-parenting. Having to share parenting responsibilities with someone you no longer have an intimate relationship with has a unique set of challenges.

Navigating the world of shared parenting will require flexibility, patience and respect. Knowing how to make co-parenting a positive experience might give you the tools you need for a successful arrangement.

Adjust your relationship

Sharing custody of your children does not mean you have to be best friends with your ex. It does, however, mean you will need to have some type of communication in regards to the care of your children. Adjusting your relationship from an intimate one to a professional one can make a considerable difference in reducing awkwardness and tension.

Your willingness to establish a positive relationship with your soon-to-be-ex can have a substantial impact on your children’s ability to adapt. According to Today’s Parent, determine a consistent method of communication. This could include texting, emailing or speaking on the phone. If you have concerns to discuss, make sure your children are not present and plan to discuss one concern per conversation.

Respect boundaries

Just like you have your way of parenting your children, your ex will also have preferences. Unless you have concerns about your children’s health or safety, allow your ex to parent independently. Refrain from trying to control what happens when your children are away from your home.

Set boundaries for your home. Ask for respect from your ex and show respect in return. Being patient and flexible throughout the adjustment may encourage adaptability and unity from everyone.

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