Dealing with a sneaky spouse during a divorce

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Most of the complicated issues that arise during a divorce deal with child custody and financial issues.

During a high-conflict divorce, negotiating is often difficult as emotions run high.

One spouse may resort to misconduct in order to get what they want from the proceedings. Here is what the spouse may try to do and how to prepare for these sneaky tactics.

Sneaky custody and financial tactics

Some of the most popular tactics during a messy divorce are to hide assets or lie about financial circumstances to avoid paying higher amounts of spousal or child support. In extreme cases, an individual could falsify documents, provide misleading information on disclosure forms or scheme with friends, family members or business partners to alter the financial situation.

With child custody issues, one common tactic is to make false claims about desiring increased parenting time in order to minimize the child support obligation yet pawn off the time allotted to family members. False accusations of neglect or abuse are also common, as is engaging in tactics to alienate the child from the other spouse.

Options for dealing with sneaky tactics

It is important that all divorce forms be carefully reviewed by professional counsel or experts, such as the declaration of disclosure, business and personal tax return and financial records. Pay attention to the warning signs regarding child custody and keep diligent documentation of conduct, alienation tactics or false allegations.

High-conflict divorces often create emotionally charged situations, making it more difficult to negotiate these contested issues of finances and child custody. Keep in mind these potential misconduct areas when dealing with your spouse.

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