Job loss and your child support order

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If you recently lost your job or you worry about this happening in the near future, it is critical to understand your options if you owe child support. Finding yourself out of work could generate significant stress if you cannot stay current on child support, and falling behind on your obligations could result in devastating challenges. For example, California Child Support Services reports that if you do not pay child support on time, you could lose your driver’s license and your passport, experience financial consequences such as the loss of your tax refund and face contempt charges.

Some parents avoid this by modifying their child support order.

The benefits of modifying your child support order

If your financial circumstances change, it is pivotal to review child support modification. By successfully modifying your child support order, you could have the ability to reduce the amount you owe each month, making your obligations more compatible with your financial situation. Not only can this reduce stress and anxiety, but it can help you pay child support in full each month.

Since failing to pay child support can cause such serious penalties, it is pivotal to take a look at child support modification as soon as possible if you have financial concerns.

Approaching child support modification

It is crucial to carefully consider the factors that courts go over when deciding whether to modify a child support order. Financial problems can cause emotional issues that make it hard to focus, but you should try to keep a positive attitude and stay optimistic.

In addition, you should review other strategies that could help you stay current on child support, such as budgeting carefully and setting up a payment plan.

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