Do you need a custody investigation?

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Settling child custody and visitation can be more complex than it seems in some cases. When you have reservations or concerns about the other parent’s ability to care for the children, you need to address those concerns before finalizing the custody and visitation order.

A custody investigation is an ideal way to evaluate the safety of your child’s living arrangements.

A third party completes the investigation

A child custody investigation, ordered by the court, involves an independent third party who can assess both parents, the child’s living situation in each environment and the best interests of that child. You do not need to worry about any bias or preferential treatment because the investigator is independent and works for the court, not you or your spouse.

The investigator may interview you, your children and others

Part of a custody investigation involves understanding the child’s living environment and experiences. The investigator may interview both parents as well as the child to gain some insight. In addition, other family members, close friends and neighbors are often valuable resources for information.

A background check is often conducted

The investigator will usually run a background check on each party in the dispute as well as anyone else who spends time around the child. Background checks include criminal history, credit status and any mental health issues.

Protecting your child is the top priority in a child custody settlement. When you worry about the stability of your child’s environment with the other parent, the court can request a custody investigation to ensure safety and stability.

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