Take a united front when telling your kids about divorce

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In most situations, going through a divorce is challenging, and having kids makes it even more difficult. However, no matter what your current relationship is with your spouse, it is important to put aside your differences when sharing with your children that you are ending your marriage.

Psychology Today discusses that you should share the news as soon as you are sure, as your kids should hear it from you instead of anyone else. To demonstrate that you are still going to be there as parents, you should also tell them together.

Prepare what you will say

There is often an increase in emotions during this time, so it is a good idea to plan what you will say ahead of time. Sit the kids down when there is time to have a discussion and refrain from placing blame on one parent. You can tell them in general terms why you are divorcing, but you do not need to share details.

Share how their lives will change

Children of all ages have concerns about how the divorce will affect them. Address where everyone will live and other important changes. You can also focus on what will stay the same to ease some of their worries.

Adjust your approach based on age

Today’s Parent states that exactly what you say and how the children will react will depend on their ages. Younger children need more basic information and reassurance you will both take care of them, while older children may have more questions. Their response to the news may also vary.

Along with sharing the news together, it is important to make sure your kids know the divorce is not their fault and that you both love them very much.

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