Your social media matters when it comes to child custody

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Family Law

The modern age revolutionized communication. People gained the ability to connect with others across the globe and to share their lives almost instantaneously through social media.

As a result, social media is now a metric many use to gauge others, whether that be personally or professionally. A single post can have disastrous consequences for you in many arenas besides the social one, including when it comes to child custody.

Posts can give false impressions

You may post to celebrate, to bring awareness, to uplift others or for many other reasons. However, certain posts, while harmless in general, can be harmful to your child custody case. Venting about the case, while not necessarily wrong, can give the judge an unfavorable impression of you, affecting the outcome. You may only party once in a blue moon, but if you post pictures of the single party you attended all year and the one time you consumed alcohol in your life, it can still make you appear irresponsible.

The other party can twist your posts

Anything you post online is subject to public perusal. Even if you make your account private, there is the possibility that someone can leak your posts. Just like with anything you say in court, anything you post can act as evidence against you. The other party can twist your words and use them to hurt your credibility as a parent.

Your social media posts can reveal a lot. Even if they do not, people believe they do, which may include the judge. By displaying caution about what you put on the internet, you remove a possible source of “proof” against you.

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