3 signs your kids might not be OK during your divorce

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As you probably know by now, divorce can take a considerable toll on your emotional well-being. The same is true for your soon-to-be ex-spouse. According to Psychology Today, though, your children might have it even worse. Unlike you and your husband or wife, your kids also may lack the emotional maturity necessary to cope with the end of your marriage.

Even though you probably know the young ones in your family better than anyone else does, they might try to hide their feelings from you. Here are three tell-tale signs your kids might not be ok during your divorce.

1. Your children experience academic issues

For kids, succeeding in school is essential for creating a solid foundation for future life. While some academic performance issues are probably not too problematic, you should question any significant decline in your children’s grades. After all, your kids might be worrying more about your divorce than they are about their schooling.

2. Your children withdraw socially

Whether your kids have a massive social network or only a couple of friends, you undoubtedly know how important socialization is to their healthy development. Difficulty coping with divorce-related emotions, however, can cause your children to withdraw socially.

3. Your children misbehave

Even though all kids occasionally act out, yours probably know and follow the rules fairly well. Nevertheless, an inability to manage the psychological fallout from your divorce might cause your kids to misbehave. In an effort to regain some control, your otherwise caring youngsters even may turn into bullies.

Ultimately, if you determine your kids are not handling your divorce well, it may be time to enroll them in family therapy and take other appropriate steps.

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