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How is spousal support calculated in California?

Financial support is a significant concern for spouses seeking it during their divorce. It is also likely a significant concern for the spouse that would be paying support following the divorce. Because spousal support is important to both spouses during the divorce process, it is helpful for them to understand how it is calculated in California.

How does my earning capacity influence child and spousal support?

Disagreements over a multitude of issues will inevitably arise in a California divorce. This is true whether it is a high-asset divorce or one of more moderate means. With support issues - including child and spousal support - people have a basic understanding that one spouse will likely pay support to the other, but they may be unsure of how certain factors are considered.

Enforcing an order for child support in another state

People who begin a divorce proceeding often view the entry of the final order by the court as the last step, and they are often unprepared for events that may follow. One of the most common of these unexpected events is the decision of one spouse to move from California to another state. If the couple has no minor children, such a move may have little or no impact. But if the couple has minor children who are the beneficiaries of an order for child support, the move to another state by one spouse or the other may have the potential for disrupting the provisions entered by the divorce court regarding child and spousal support.

The consequences of failing to pay child support in California

Many non-custodial parents in California who have been ordered to pay child support to the custodial parent often fail to appreciate the consequences of ignoring such orders. Some non-custodial parents often assume that they can defeat the obligation to pay child and spousal support if they move to another state. Both assumptions are wrong.

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