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Sacramento Divorce Modifications

Personalized Service From Our Family Law Attorney

If your divorce has been finalized, but your circumstances have changed, you have the right to seek a modification of certain court orders. These include visitation and custody, as well as child or spousal support. Retain the counsel of an experienced Sacramento divorce lawyer at O'Brien Family Law, PC. We guide you through the process, and have helped many others in similar circumstances.

Intelligent And Aggressive Counsel For Every Client

At O'Brien Family Law, PC, we have spent our entire legal career handling divorce and family law matters for clients in Northern California. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and listen carefully to your questions and concerns. We prioritize client education, keeping you fully informed as your case develops.

We represent people for support, visitation or child custody modification proceedings, including situations involving:

  • One parent has a dramatic change in income
  • One parent takes a new job or has a shift change that affects custody and visitation
  • One parent suffers an injury or illness that prevents him or her from providing the necessary care for the minor child

Our Sacramento divorce attorneys work as a team, collaborating our superior legal writing skills with affordable rates. Though we have considerable trial experience and are always willing to help you protect your rights in court, we will gladly assist you if you want to settle your differences through alternative means. Often, these include either negotiated settlements or mediation.

Your Advocates And Trusted Advisors In Sacramento

We handle all types of modification proceedings, representing either side in requests to amend child custody, visitation, child support or spousal support decrees. Whether you seek to relocate or you are a noncustodial parent attempting to stop a relocation, we will make certain you understand your rights and we will be a staunch advocate for you in court.

Furthermore, we offer a private consultation for every client. To schedule a meeting with our experienced Sacramento divorce attorneys, call 916-468-0707. Evening appointments can be set up by request.