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As a divorce proceeds, you will need to determine the difference between communal and separate property. Property that is generally considered separate includes inheritance, workers’ compensation payments for an injury on the job and any property owned prior to the marriage. Certain circumstances can alter these conditions, so it is important to consult with our Sacramento divorce attorneys at O'Brien Family Law, PC, for a comprehensive look at your specific case.

What can you expect as our client?

  • We are known for satisfactory results: Our firm focuses on offering sophisticated legal counsel to help leverage your case into the most advantageous position.
  • Your rights are the priority: We know what is at stake in cases involving property division, asset distribution and other marital property division. We keep your rights in the foreground and work hard for you.
  • One-on-one attention: As a boutique firm, we naturally foster a more personal environment and tailored approach to client service. We provide the caring legal representation you need.

We earnestly protect what matters to you. Call our skilled Sacramento property division lawyer today at 916-468-0707 and we can discuss your case confidentially.

Confidential Consultations For Divorcing Clients

We can assist you through the entire property division process, including valuation and negotiations. Should we be unable to settle your case in mediation, we are ready to represent your needs in court. We are intelligent, skilled litigators, and you can trust that your property division claim will be in capable hands.

Property addressed during a divorce includes:

  • The family home
  • Jointly owned vehicles
  • Boats
  • Land
  • Business investments
  • Stocks and bonds

Before you enter into these negotiations, schedule a consultation with our divorce attorney. We can evaluate your property, advising you as to the best way to make sure you are awarded a fair share in the separation.

Know What To Expect During Property Division

First, an inventory of your assets will be taken. During this point in the process, we thoroughly examine all joint and separate property to form a full picture of your estate. During valuation, the property is assessed and a value is placed on each item. Finally, the property is fairly divided. Division is either conducted in a private manner, through negotiation or mediation, or in court.

You don’t have to face this process alone. Our skilled Sacramento divorce attorneys at O'Brien Family Law, PC, thoughtfully advises you as to the best way to proceed in order achieve the best possible results for your property division.

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