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Experienced Lawyers Handling High-Asset Divorce Matters

Asset division first identifies property that is jointly held, then separates out the property which can be considered separate. To make sure that property and assets which are rightfully yours do not get lumped into the division, retain the services of our experienced divorce attorneys at O'Brien Family Law, PC.

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Dispute Resolution With Our Sacramento Attorneys

Property is considered separate if you owned it before the marriage. Sometimes exceptions are made if your spouse was added to the title of a home or other unique circumstances. Almost all other property is considered joint and is subject to division.

Types of property can include:

  • Real estate
  • Investments
  • Stocks
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Cars
  • Recreational vehicles, including boats
  • Debts

Ideally, we can settle these issues outside of court. Whether through personal negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, handing your division of assets outside of court is the most personal and inexpensive way to divide your assets. Should you be unable to settle, we are ready and able to represent your interests in court.

After all, we are first and foremost a litigation firm. Whenever necessary, we are prepared to fight for our clients’ rights in the courtroom. Some high-asset divorce matters are better settled with mediation or arbitration. We also represent clients in these alternative dispute resolution matters.

Guidance For Asset Valuation And Division

We work with a team of experts to provide accurate asset valuations and to protect our clients’ interests in high-asset divorce matters. When you partner with O'Brien Family Law, PC, you can trust that our Sacramento divorce lawyers have the tools and experience you need to reach the best possible resolution.

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