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Providing Both Defense & Offense Against Temporary Restraining Orders

A temporary restraining order (TRO) against you can seriously affect your life, including your legal rights to visitation and custody of your kids. It can also lead to criminal charges. For many people, family is the highest priority. You want to remain involved in your children’s lives, watch them grow and help make important decisions in their lives. A TRO could put that in jeopardy.

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A temporary restraining order has far-reaching effects for all involved:

  • Purposefully separates children and spouses from harmful, dangerous situations
  • Affects child custody and visitation
  • Could potentially result in unequal division of assets or property
  • Often leads to criminal consequences

Helping to Protect Children And Families

If you need to file a temporary restraining order, speak with a Sacramento family law attorney who will take time to listen to your concerns. Our legal team evaluates all the details and advocates strongly for your safety. We strive to make certain you get complete understanding on your issues and the law.

Several types of restraining orders are available to families in need of protection, including:

  • Emergency protective orders that go immediately into effect
  • Civil harassment restraining order, which are not limited to interactions within a family
  • Domestic violence restraining order to address specific family safety concerns
  • Elder abuse restraining order which seek to protect an elder who is the subject of abuse

For most family law matters, we will likely be proceeding with a domestic violence restraining order. Request a confidential consultation with our experienced Sacramento family law attorneys today at O'Brien Family Law, PC. We provide convenient appointment times for our clients. Call our firm at 916-468-0707.