Parent's Rights for Sacramento Divorces

Family Law Attorneys Protecting Your Children

When entering into divorce proceedings, parents are often most concerned about what will happen to their children. At O'Brien Family Law, PC, our goal is to minimize the negative impact a divorce can have on the bond between children and their parents. We do this through protecting the rights you as a parent have to your children. We address issues such as child support and child custody arrangements.

Our team is dedicated to family law matters. Pursue the outcome you desire with the help of our Sacramento divorce attorneys. Schedule your consultation with our firm by calling (916) 468-4230.

Personalized Service & Aggressive Legal Counsel

Our Sacramento family law attorneys are personally invested in your case, knowing that your children's well-being is at stake. With our extensive litigation experience you can trust that we have the skills you need to aggressively protect your parental rights during the divorce proceedings. It is especially important to retain our services if you are confronting a hostile former spouse. In these situations, the other parent will likely attempt to make the negotiations difficult, refusing to come to an agreeable solution.

Parent's Rights

In cases such as these, the court will be deciding:

Tenacious Parent's Rights Advocates

Proving you are a good parent in court is a task no one ever wants to have to undertake. We partner with you through this experience, offering wise counsel and defense tactics should the other parent attempt to attack your character. You are not alone in this fight for the best interests of your children. Let O'Brien Family Law, PC stand beside you in court.


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