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Alternative Dispute Resolutions In Sacramento

Divorce Lawyers Helping Clients Find Alternative Solutions

For many people facing divorce, the idea of fighting over every detail in a courtroom can be daunting. Some divorces present no other option than traditional litigation; however, more collaborative, less contentious methods of resolving divorce disputes can be found in alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Ask for guidance from our Sacramento divorce lawyers at O'Brien Family Law, PC. We represent clients in a range of ADR methods of divorce. From mediation and arbitration to collaborative divorce, we can help you end your marriage in a more efficient, less contentious way.

Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution In California

At O'Brien Family Law, PC we can discuss your case with you to help you determine whether ADR is the right approach. We enjoy helping clients find alternative dispute resolution methods for divorce.

  • For many people, alternative dispute resolution in divorce, can be:
  • Efficient: Settling matters through ADR can prove more efficient by bypassing the often clogged up court system and working with your schedule.
  • Cost-effective: In many cases, ADR can help people save on the expensive court costs and lawyer fees associated with protracted litigation.
  • Less stressful: Generally, the various methods of ADR provide an environment of collaboration and shared solutions, rather than the contentious approach of traditional divorce litigation.
  • More private: It is a great benefit to many of our clients to be able to resolve lingering issues behind closed doors in negotiation, rather than in the public forum of litigation.
  • Better for the children: ADR allows divorcing parents to avoid having their kids see them fighting it out in the courtroom. This helps protect the essential parent-child relationships.

However, in many cases, there is no other option other than litigation to end a marriage. If you suspect your divorce cannot be handled in any other way than through litigation, our firm provides you with access to a divorce attorney with experience and dedication for handling traditional divorce litigation.

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No one wants a long, drawn-out court battle. Find alternative options with our intelligent Sacramento divorce lawyers. Consultations can be scheduled by calling 916-468-0707.