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Protect Your Interests After Divorce

The custody, support and other determining aspects of your divorce decree will carry on for years to come. Sometimes, one of the ex-spouses refuses to follow the stipulations arranged during your settlement. If your ex-spouse has failed to follow the divorce decree, ask our Sacramento divorce attorneys at O'Brien Family Law, PC, to protect your rights.

At O'Brien Family Law, PC, we help you fight back through enforcement of your divorce decree. Call 916-468-0707 for a confidential consultation with our experienced enforcement attorneys.

Enforcement Of Orders

With a strong commitment to protecting the interests of single working parents, our divorce attorneys can make sure your interests are protected through court-ordered injunctions and other means. The court can pursue a number of options when forcing your former spouse to uphold their side of the arrangement, including wage garnishing, passport restrictions or suspending their professional license.

We can help you make sure your former spouse follows the divorce orders concerning:

  • Child support, including special needs child support and day care payments
  • Child custody and visitation, including fathers’ rights and mothers’ rights
  • Relocation requirements, as well as interstate/out-of-state custody proceedings
  • Spousal support and alimony payment arrangements

Enforcing divorce orders can be a complicated, challenging experience. Request the experienced guidance of our aggressive Sacramento divorce attorneys, serving our clients with intelligent pursuit of your rights. Do not let your former spouse get away with failing to fulfill their legal obligations.

O'Brien Family Law, PC, takes these issues as seriously as you do. We know you depend on the predetermined arrangements of your divorce settlement. A former spouse who refuses to fulfill his or her obligations can cause you serious financial and emotional stress. For each case, we provide you with personalized service, working with you to get you the results you need.

Confidential Sacramento Divorce Lawyers

To schedule a consultation with our experienced divorce decree enforcement lawyer, call 916-468-0707. We serve Sacramento with intelligent legal representation for all family law matters.