Knowledgeable High Asset Divorce Attorneys

Handling Property Division in Sacramento

Divorce matters are complicated exponentially with the increase of wealth. In high-asset divorces, it is not simply a matter of more money to distribute. Greater levels of wealth are usually more diversified, set up in various national and international accounts, and tied up in different business interests, investments, and property holdings. It takes a lawyer with experience and skill to handle these matters competently.

Helping You Face Your High Net-Worth Divorce

Whether you gained your wealth through business or inheritance, protecting your investments through your divorce is possible with the help of our team at O'Brien Family Law, PC. Even if you and your former spouse are willing to amiably work together to divide your assets, you need the support of a legal representative who is dedicated to your rights and interests.

High Asset Divorce

We aim to smooth your transition into this new chapter of your life by helping you navigate:

Whether you’re grappling with a highly litigated child custody battle or negotiating to receive your fair share when dividing property, you can feel confident with our divorce attorney on your side. We can aggressively advocate on your behalf, especially if we find that you’re being shortchanged in any way.

Professional & Discreet Sacramento Divorce Lawyer

High net worth divorces are sometimes also high-profile cases. Trust your privacy to our legal team, and know that we operate with the utmost confidentiality and respect for you and your needs. Sometimes, we are able to preemptively protect your interests by drafting either a postnuptial or a prenuptial arrangement. For high-worth marriages, this is often an excellent option, as it prevents potentially costly legal battles.


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